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Top five reasons to Vote NO on 415

The city is asking for a blank check. An expensive one:

First, read exactly what you are being asked to vote on. The city wants approval for up to $130 million at 8 percent over 30 years to seize a private business, pay legal fees and anything else it deems necessary. Do the math: that’s $400 million. Bottom line: Proposition 415 wants voters to approve a multi-million seizure of a water system.

Voters need to focus on the actual ballot language – not vague promises made by city officials.

Your water rates will go up, and possibly more than double:

Proposition 415 is an expensive gamble for taxpayers. With about 19,000 EPCOR customers in Bullhead City, the average customer could pay up to $50 a month just to pay for a debt of up to $130 million. That does not include millions in annual operating costs and pension benefits for city employees to run the system. Right now, the average water customer in Bullhead pays $37 a month. Proposition 415 could more than double the average customer bill.

The city acknowledges that it has no idea what interest rates will be in the future.

Eminent Domain is an extreme measure:

Eminent domain is an extreme measure where the government seizes private property, a serious threat to our free market system. This is a huge overreach by the city, and it will cost taxpayers!

The city has low-balled the value of EPCOR to make you believe it can take over the water system and lower costs. The people at EPCOR are water experts, and they know that the system is worth at least $130 million. If Proposition 415 is approved, a jury will decide what the system is worth, and taxpayers would be on the hook for millions of dollars in legal fees. Additionally, city taxpayers would have to pay back hundreds of millions of dollars in interest payments over the 30-year life of the bonds.

You, the taxpayer, will be on the hook for those costs. The city is not being fully transparent about the total costs to residents.

Under Proposition 415, the Bullhead City government can seize EPCOR’s assets, but it can also seize other water companies in and around Bullhead City, including Ft. Mohave. In fact, the Bullhead City Council and city manager – without any public input – now state unequivocally that they want to pursue other opportunities to seize other water companies in the area. This comes with absolutely no guarantee that they can provide better service at a lower cost.

EPCOR Employees are experts at running water systems; the city is not:

EPCOR has 300 people employed in Arizona – experts committed to delivering safe, clean and affordable water to communities every day. They can do it cheaper and better than the city because that’s what they’ve done for more than a century. Private companies have strong incentives to operate as efficiently as possible. EPCOR has continually made sound, strategic infrastructure investments – pipes, water mains, etc. – to provide better and more reliable service for the people of Bullhead City.

Every year, EPCOR produces clean, safe water for Bullhead City residents that meets or exceed all state and federal drinking water standards. However, Proposition 415 will not improve water quality standards.

Your city government does not have the expertise. EPCOR is committed to keeping rates as low as possible for all customers, now and in the future.

The City has other pressing issues (roads, jobs, public safety):

Bullhead City residents have much bigger needs. This would be a lot of money spent for no good reason – money that could be spent improving Bullhead City roads, investing in public safety, and focusing on creating quality jobs for residents.

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